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Sidereal Spire Lyrics

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Sidereal Spire Lyrics

Fables of old whispers the lore
A legend borne of antiquity
A reached the field in the deep of the night
And witnessed a star-limned opacity

A shimmering tower of glass
Appeared at the prophesied time
Reaching the sky to pierce heaven’s heart
Dimensions stagger the mindAdorned in starshine
This voidborn design
The doorway protected by the misty membranе
Air that resisted, then yiеlds
Into a chamber of crystalline forms
And spiraling stairways revealed
Coursing upward into infinityStep by step I ascended
My heart sang with awe and fear
Every chamber revealed splendors
The voice of the stars led me hereI watched the moon fall
Through misty clouds from above
I watched the world fall away
And bid farewell to all I had lovedInside the sidereal spire
Ascending towards infinite stars
Time lost all meaning
Every new vista revealing
New worlds so much vaster than oursOh, the sights I have seen
The firmament’s dream
Through celestial spheres
The starsong only I can hear
The voice of the stars led me here
Air growing thin, my fire burns low
Yet so much further to go
There’s no return
To the life that I knew
I lay down my head
In the sky and think of youNebular warmth surrounds me
I died looking down
In the highest reaches
Where you will find my bones
Drifting forever in void
Dreaming forever of home

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