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Ring Of Stones Lyrics

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Ring Of Stones Lyrics

The painted face of evening
Shrouds the sleeping day
And voices in the twilight murmur low
The trees that lean toward the sky
Shake their weathered bones
And timeless magic lingers here
I’m on the ring of stones

Like circles on the water
Beneath the rising moon
The church bell tolls the fading notes of time
A fallen king of long ago
Sleeps the years alone
And a night wind hums a requiem
I’m on thе ring of stones
And on a stairway to Valhalla
In steps of burning gold
With a servant of a lifеtime at his side
With a dagger and a coat of steel
To see him on his way, on his wayDiana sails a sea of cloud
Above a silver boat
The spirits of the darkness fill the air
And me, I’m just a travelling boy
Many miles from home
And they say the devil walks the road
Beneath the ring of stones

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