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Madeline Inji Lyrics

Song Info: Madeline Inji Lyrics Song name is Madeline. This song is sung by Inji & the lyrics is written by Inji.

Madeline Inji Lyrics

All the Girls and the Gals
And the Boys and the Lads

All the Shots and the Pints
And the Pills and the Tabs

Take a Walk Have a Cig
Give a Kiss Get a Cab

Big Bill on My Card
Now My Dad’s Real Mad

Let’s Roll, Madeline
Let’s Roll (Let’s Roll)
Mm Hmm Let’s Roll
Let’s Roll (Let’s Roll)


All the girls
And the gals
And the boys
And the lads

All the shots
And the pints
And the pills
And the tabs

Take a walk
Have a cig
Give a kiss
Get a cab

Big bill on my card
Now my dads real mad

Lets roll
Madeline lets roll
Lets roll
Madeline lets roll

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