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Sweet Dreams Lyrics

[Intro: Mac Miller & ]

Remember me
Remember me
(Better do it!)[Verse: Mac Miller]
I’m living the American Dream
Loving myself, hating my neighbor
Loving my things
Envious of everyone that has what I don’t
I turn my house upside down and host my adequate flow
Across the sky, Mother Earth, how often she cry
Shed a tear for every single conversation of lies
Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? (Huh?) What do wе do?
Swear I’ve had evеrything inside this life except a clue
And my girl swear she turning every color except blue
And I’ve been getting high because there ain’t shit else to do
So come and shake hands, make plans and flake
I know it ain’t your birthday, why’s there cake all over your face?
For goodness sake, you hit the brakes more than the gas
You’re going nowhere fast, surprised you go somewhere at all
Where do you find the time to ball?
I thought I’d write down some of my thoughts
I know there’s people angry, hate because I have a lot
And I don’t have shit but a shot at life
Like, cock it back and take it, pow
All I wanna do is everything I ain’t allowed to
[Outro: Mac Miller]
Remember (Take a bow)
Thank you
(Welcome) Okay, okay
(Good morning) (Fortune)

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