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Barbed Wire as Braces Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Barbed Wire as Braces Lyrics.

Barbed Wire as Braces Lyrics

[LXR – Hook]
Woke up in the middle of a war
Laid back in the middle of a whore
Kult sign up
Co-signed hoe
Kult sign, co-signed
Kult sign up

[LXR – Verse 1]
Bide time with barbed wire as braces
Every night I stay up pushing coke into faces
New laces, same places
Everywhere I go it seems I need to leave traces
I hate it, I made it, I lost, let me trade it
Give me what I want and watch me go dissipate it
Waiting on RP’s with this song I just wrote
In a new pair of cords that I stole, got your throat, take a note[LVC – Verse 2]
Emptiness, I’m cold and forsakеn
Filling this hole with my own condemnation
I’m feeling a burning sensation
Shе locks me in with pain of temptation
I need no reconciliation
I’ve been so cold that I’m freezing the nations
My voice brings your only salvation
Live in the line or fall off just to waste this[LVC – Verse 3]
Ima rampage, turn bitches to murder
Look in my eyes this a place that will hurt ya
I don’t sell dope I am a soul dealer
Summon some demons to come by and peel ya
Sit inside another open that I drew
Waiting some time for entities come to get you
Now you’re here youre not there what can you do
You’ll surely drown trying to fuck with the kult dude
Get away

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