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DropTop Mercedes Lyrics

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DropTop Mercedes Lyrics

[Intro: Dizzy]
Dizzy, Kay1, LV
Fuck is up bitch?

[Verse 1: Dizzy]
In the kitchen making Ms
In the garage I got benzes
In the crib I swerve 10s
Cartier for my lenses
Maybach swervin’ I got hella bitches that I’m curving
Shooting n****s up in Brooklyn like I’m Kyrie Irving
In the club throw up 1s make these bitches strip
Amiri jeans, I stay flooded, yea you see the drip
Drum rounds, big guns with banana clips
Make her lick my lip while her best friend licks the clit
Private jet to Miami take her on a trip (Yea, take her on a trip)
In the kitchen making Ms
In the garage I got benzes
In the crib I swerve 10s
Cartier for my lenses
[Verse 2: Kay1]
Writing cheques, breaking necks
Got a lotta cred, yea I’m making bread, breaking bread
Left that bitch on read, shoot them once and they dead
Don’t need to check again, cause I’m the fucking man
Put you in a trance
Yea I got these bands
You gonna get these hands
Hit you like I’m Jackie Chan
Hit you cause I’m fucking mad
Spent 3 years in the can
Not here to make amends, pull up in the Benz, it don’t make no sense
Call me Dr. Drazy
Make this bitch go crazy
Beat go fucking brazy
Yea you fucking lazy
I think I’m fucking hazy
Cooking in the kitchen yea this shit tasty
And I’m on a mission, call me Tracy McGrady[Verse 3: Lil’ Vader]
I think that Kay1 might be gay, cause he touched his opps
Shut the fuck up, you ain’t gangster, you ain’t got no opps
Driving down the street in my car it’s a drop top
Gucci on my feet, Gucci Mane, yea I feel like wop
Feel like cash carti, I got top, in my droptop
Your mans is a flop, in your pics, always cropped off
See the cops, put my roof up, then I drive off (Then I drive off)
Control the game like Toni Kroos
Neck shining bright like these chains from Zeus
You know I got the sauce, I’m dripping, wet, juice
Way she touching on me make me think she a masseuse
Black jacket on me, Canadian Goose
Black eyes, get no sleep, yea this shit not a bruise
4am and I’m thinking of some rhymes Dr. Seuss
Always clean when I step out, 800 dollar shoes
How you try me? get smacked
You is whack, hella whack
You’s a bitch and that’s that
Eat your bitch up like a snack
Tic Tac, she said you’s a Tic Tac
Get back, you ain’t Pop Smoke bitch, you ain’t gonna get back
Big stacks, in my safe, yea I keep them big racks
Don’t lack, when you in the parking lot, don’t lack
Sit back, Jordi Alba way you got left back
All black, new whip, make it matte, all black

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