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Six Lyrics

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Six Lyrics

Six months down and we’re on you front porch
Time has all run out, goodbyes have never hurt so much

I poured It out and gave it all to her
And my heart beats now somewhere across the water[Verse]
You had my all, I thought we’d go until the end
But you let me down with a message of loose ends
If I head on out will I sink or swim
And if it all comes down will our love go dim[Bridge]
I don’t want to fight this
Living in denial
What could have been if I did
Reach out[Verse]
Caught me out, a shot in the dark
You moved on so quick, when did this it all start?Give me strength, cos if I make this call
Show you my hand, will you raise or fold[Outro]
If that day comes when we wake up in another space and time
Thinking about all the “what ifs” that could have been if we changed our minds
Ill be waiting, love is wasting
All my fears are unfolding constantly
On the reasons we chose this life
I hope you wake up one day wishing you’d start again

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