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Sleeping Worms Lyrics

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Sleeping Worms Lyrics

Nightmares plagued out of variety
But what are we to do about it?
Tovis speaks of a false moon obscene
What did he have to do with it?

Invisible and visible at equals
Oh, I’m mad! Which one should I be
If this is all true, then how do you feel?
The name, overall completes the storyOh, how do I escape from you?
When we can all see my eyes are in plain view
I don’t wanna dream in tears
I can’t run and hide, left//right do not fear!
Oh! Don’t drink the coffee!
The poison gas here tries to punish mе
Why, of all the phobias!
The seamstrеss’ spindle gone before usDarling dear, where is your smile?
Mind if I borrow it for a while?
Hey, not you! It isn’t my fault!
I’ll blow up, smeared on the asphaltI’m stood in place, all of my bones intact
She needs no key, I’m stuck, in fact
The seamstress gone, every trace washed away
This is where you go every which wayI’m afraid to sleep
(Aren’t you coming with me?)
What is this quite odd?
(Phobia is your God)
Don’t pretend that they
(Disgress in the same way)
Listen without eyes
Let sleeping worms dieChewing on your mouth
Shine brightly even when all the light’s out
Don’t lie about your wish
Adzie the granter’s not one to be messed with
Make sure you breathe in sharply
Speed in the gasp, slice your lips at the parting
Laughing while you’re spewing lies
Buried in the ground, just wait till you know whyPeel it off your face
Find something new, don’t speak out a disgrace
Why do you keep the facade going
Everyones dead, no-one is left un-knowingNo more evidence
Run far away, past the boundaries of this fence
Felt through a layer of snow
That’s ali(c)e and that we both knowThat’s ali(c)e and that we both know

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