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Last Thoughts on Everything Lyrics

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Last Thoughts on Everything Lyrics

(I’m tired…
I’ve got one more in me
It’s like all I’ve ever done as an adult
Don’t know what I’m gonna’ do
Maybe I’ll have a baby…
Finally have a baby
I’ve been writing about it enough

Love you. Bye.)
I thought I heard your voice
The cadence felt unique
I’m holding someone’s hand
She’s three years younger than meYou were ten when she was three
That feels so strange to think
But so does everything
Like all this air we breathе’I saw you on TV!’
Oh, that’s not really me
Spoon honey in your tеa
Liked Seth from the O.C
‘You straight?’
‘Yeah, probably’Inhaling all the steam
Watching her get clean
I don’t think she believes
But she prays before she sleepsShe sings in mondegreens
She thinks it’s ‘Calmer Police’
‘You’re infantilising me’
She was right and I’m sorry
Then I said ‘Wow, your hair’s pretty’
She said ‘Thank you, Daddy’
The absurdity of us
Not feeling woke enoughThe strangest consequence of
This cracked political lens
Is white girls angry with me
‘Cos my girlfriend’s white and prettyI’m sorry, please forgive me
For co-opting supremacyNow we’re at the Sands Casino
No credit, I’ll pay in ego
And whilst the wheel was spinning
She said ‘Technically we’re winning’Gonna’ take her out for dinner
At the Gramercy in the Winter
Yeah, of course I’ll fancy the waitress
Isn’t that the point of chasteness?I’m dead over being poly
It’s not like the French films said
What’s beautiful in theory
In practice is called ‘getting head’
I’ve been doing this for twelve years
Almost half my life
Harmonising traumas
And hoping I’d be likedAnd all these songs are for you
To sing when I am gone
Don’t say I don’t adore you
I’ll write you one last oneGoodnight, thanks for watching
The last words you will hear
‘Excuse me’ said Sinatra
‘Whilst I disappear’

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