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Little He Saw Lyrics

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Little He Saw Lyrics

There once was a lonely man
Who lived in a lonely can
But the can became a can’t
And so they drifted apart
Little he saw, little he knew

He wrote her name in the sand
Trying to understand
How everything had gone wrong
And why they no longer would sing
Sing the same song, they’d loved for so long
She wrote his name in the sky
Until he could no longer try
To be the one that she saw
In the light that was dimming insidе
Dimming inside, his heart and his mindOh, the littlе he saw
The little he knew
Started to turn into
Seeing things as they were
Life without her
Life without love in returnBut now it was too late
As he watched a closing gate
That had been open for long
Just waiting to hear that song
Singing that song, they’d loved for so long

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