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Missing My Ex Lyrics

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Missing My Ex Lyrics

I don’t wanna lie I’m Losing my mind
White,blonde girl She’s one of a kind
And Ima Shoot my shot like I’m Cupid
Dummy for her love got me feeling stupid

I love the way she look at me
I love the way she laugh
She my real lover
She my second HalfAnd why you gotta split away from my life
Still Miss that girl with that lovely vibe
I still Miss my ex
I still miss my ex
I still miss my exI don’t wanna lie
I still Miss my ex
(yuh)I always think about our memories
I think about your eyes
I still Think about the times you gave me butterfliesI Love the way you told me I’m your only guy
I lovе the way we cuddled looking at thе skyNow I open My eyes and I realize…
That it was all a dream all a fucking lie
Now I’m lonely in my room I really want to cry
Love isn’t for me girl I wonder whyI don’t want to be alive
Just let me die
I’m lost in my mind
I’m lost in my thoughtsNow I wonder when your coming back
My heart tells me real soon
But my mind tells me I’m a fool
I still miss my ex
I still miss my ex
I still miss my ex
I still miss my exI don’t want to lie I still miss my ex
(yuh)Man I really miss my ex man
I don’t even know ..
What I would do without herI love that Blonde girl…
I love that White girl manSeptember 17th 2021
I really miss ex…

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