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Can’t Run Away Lyrics

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Can’t Run Away Lyrics

(Ronny J, what’s up, nigga)
Niggas know I be trippin’

I took losses before I took wins (I took wins)
Pockets swollen, them bitches was thin (Was thin)
In my city I ride with FNs (I ride with FNs)
I like bein’ alone, I don’t care ’bout no friends (Care ’bout no friends, let’s go)
Never cuffin’ no cash, I spin
Never wrote a bar, I ain’t tryna see the pen
Been having motion for a while now (While now)
Youngin turnt, promise that’s just what I been (Been)
One day your partner might be in the sky (Be in the sky)
So many people calling me twin, but no where around when it’s time to spin
Breaking in cars, I was diving in (Diving in)
Tryna figurе out why nigga’s praising racks
I can get what you want, exotic make thе room full
I know the hood be steppin’, you know it’s murder she wrote (She wrote, yeah)
I been out the way (Out the way), but I’m still the trending topic, facts (Topic)
This the way we was raised (Raised), if they spin, we spinnin’ back (Spinnin’ back)
I see no competition in my eyes, bitch, you know that I’m that (That)
I leveled up my status, but time to time, I feel caught up in that (Yeah)
Can’t run away (No), can’t run away (No), away (Away, I can’t)
No I can’t run away (No), can’t run away (No)
Can’t run away (Yeah)[Verse 2]
Book me a flight and I go out of town, catch me on the wave, okay (Wave)
Manifestation is real (Real), I knew I was gonna be rich one day (Rich one day)
Private jet, the hardest (The hardest)
Pull up the motor cut to jail, I’m gon’ be tardy (Tardy)
I go to Calabasas (Calabasas) to collect backends and party (Let’s go)
I just been doin’ my thing, I got private business with Johnny Dang (Johnny Dang)
My family lovin’ the man that I became, opps be two-faced, they ain’t even aim (Aim)
My life is a movie, major pain
I signed me a deal, but on the same thing
Still postin’ in gutters, still ridin’ ’round with some cutters
No bap, that’s word to my mother (My mother)
Niggas cappin’ like they active (Active), but they not active (They not active)
Niggas cappin’ like they active (Oh, nah), but they not active (Oh, nah)
No lie, I wish I was independent, I’m top five, but they won’t admit it (They won’t admit it)
Shoe me if it’s real, show me if it’s real love (Real love)
Get my name under your tittie (Your tittie)[Chorus]
Yeah, run away, run away, no-no (Yeah-yeah)
Pain, I can’t run away, run away, run away (Yeah, yeah-yeah)
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t run away
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t run away
I got, I got demons in my face
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t run away

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