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Please talk to me Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Please talk to me Lyrics.

Please talk to me Lyrics

Leave you where your from
Leave you the grave, that’s where you belong
Got my blade, it won’t stay for long
Please talk to me, tell me what’s wrong

Everybody tells me I’m good, but, (but-,but-)
But, I could do so much better
I got blade it’s tucked under the sweater
Please talk to me, lemme get you better[Chorus]
Oh on my own, in this weather
Oh on my own, for the better
Oh, so what’s the wеather?
Go, to your mother[Hook]
Everybody wokе up with something different
Please talk to me, please listen please
I’m getting old, it isn’t done real easily
I got a blade and it’s tucked real sqûizzly

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