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Crossing off the ones I loved, Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Crossing off the ones I loved, Lyrics.

Crossing off the ones I loved, Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Jeepr & Lil Chanel & ]
December 27th 2015
I genuinely think you’ll be bigger than me one day, especially this coming up year, you know, I’m so proud of you oreo, your shaping up your life in a path in which I would never had done, your family wasn’t even into music until you came around

Know (know)[Chorus: Lil Jeepr]
I never thought a day would be like this
Never thought in my mind, it will end like this
I never drew conclusion
I nevеr understand the statemеnts
I lost family, and my son now
I wish I could just scream and shout
He was on road to be the big one
Valentines isn’t a gift card
June 25th, was a hard one
Don’t ever try that suicide
You never even know what lies on the other side
I hope and pray for forgiveness, because—
Maybe one day I’ll shine, but not the way you think I die
The way that Jesús wants me to die

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