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Feeling Gruvvy Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Feeling Gruvvy Lyrics.

Feeling Gruvvy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Feeling groovy suckin’ his dick while watchin’ a movie
I feel despicable me im a fuckin’ pussy
Suckin’ on your toe they dont even know
Ayo, the sextape is harder then when yo mama she call me obama that shit remind me of my trauma
Suckin’ it like ama llama yuh yuh ama llama

Bitches they dont know wat to call me
I said nah hoe bitch you are ugly
I say Glock Glock bah
Feelin’ despicable me[Verse 2]
Feelin’ groovy tonight
I dont wanna do it right
Cause im really right
Im feellin’ groovy tonight (ight ight ight)
Bob the killer is my homie
He be suckin’ on my dick like it is a brownie
Fuckin’ on a Glock fuckin’ it like its a gogurt (gogurt)
Im fuckin’ a bitch and im fuckin’ a bitch like its yogurt (yogurt)
Ay yo she she she, shе dont know what to do
When your hoe she say “sup” i say “shut thе fuck up”
I said “i dont give a shit” while im feelin’ groovy
While im shittin’ in the movie
Movie theatre
Watchin’ fuckin’ despicable me and fuckin’ the rise of gru
Man its the rise of gru, rise of gru
I be shittin’ on the seat while watchin the rise of gru
I, i, i i
Found all of my motherfuckin’ despicable me toys
Suckin’ his tit and fuckin’ a bitch now i use my toys
Fuckin’ a hoe she dont know what to do when im feelin’ groovy in the movie in the movie
Fuckin’ a bitch her name loui ay ay
My lewd dick is really nice
Her pussy is now really sticky

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