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Librarian Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Librarian Lyrics.

Librarian Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Eggsoup]
Uh, just takin a, quick sip of my, um green soda crush

[Verse 1: Lil Eggsoup]
I just fucked my library teacher it felt great huh
And I just fucked yo bitch in two ways huh
You already know that I came out as gay huh
Yeah, yeah there’s no turning back there’s no [?] breaks bitch
And I’m munching chips while I’m in my whip yeah
And I stir it up round like it’s pasta
I’ma put it in your ass with no consent yeah
Hold up, I’m playing Pixel Gun 3D bitch
You can’t see me, just like I’m John Cena
And I fucked your bitch, uh, then I might just leave her
[Verse 2: YungLex]
Uh yeah, I’ma just leave her
Uh yeah, pull up in the [?]
Uh yeah, my whip too [?]
Uh yeah, I’m fly like Peter
Okay, this song is about a librarian
Hop on the track, you know I will carry
I’ll gеt to the cheese, I’m getting that dairy
My bitch so cutе, she look like a fairy
I hate school, I skip class
All I care about is that cash
Good thing I got my hall pass
My librarian got a nice ass
Only time I read is for Doki Doki
She hit my flow saying moshi moshi
I’m a God, better keep it low key
Got water on my neck, just like a [?]
Your girl [?] for the streets
Feel like [?] my life sweet
Hate all these niggas, trying sub-tweet
Got gas on the whip, but it’s not cheese
Down bad, watching DxD
It’s a ten, I would agree
Playing hoes, like a PSP
But somehow they still into me
Alright I’m done
[Interlude: Lil Eggsoup]
Yeah, yeah bitch who’s next
Uh, uh, yeah bitch [?]
Yeah, I’m fucking yo bitch, I’m fucking yo dad
I’m fucking yo ass, I’m fucking yo blacks
Yeah in the ass, and I need fucking black dick
Um, yeah, yeah, yeah[Verse 3: Lil Eggsoup]
[?] Me and Lex we having butt sex
I like anime breasts
Shout out to all my homies man y’all are the best
I just shot a Jew with a [?] of suppress
Bald blackie, eating KFC
Like a holiday with ice cream, coke, cereal
How many blacks do like cereal?
Poop on him, because I’m a pedo
This is a secret, but I wanna fuck Lizzo
When I get bored, I ride my dildo
Yeah, I just fucked the librarian
She calling me, just like she’s Spider Man
White stuff everywhere, oh wait that’s the spider webs
Take me back to the palace and we can have spider sex

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