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Son of Desolation Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Son of Desolation Lyrics.

Son of Desolation Lyrics

Liar – One Day a man came
Liar – To pacify a new world
Liar – For all the hate and oppression
Liar – For Despair and deception

A genius of manipulation
Potential dictator
Audacious, courageous
Studies about solutionsHey! A man with a dire face
Brings peace to the worldShows people their power
How to save the worldThree and a half years past, his admirable progress
Solved unsolvable questions he began
To show his true faceEmotionless
With iron hands
Overcame the world’s nations
Began to show his true face
He is the beast
He is the antichrist
He is still behind of all these lies
Now you know who he is
Son of desolation
He is the beast!
That came from the east
He’s destruction, he’s despair
Fallen Angel
He’s the beast that came from the east

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