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God’s Wrath Lyrics

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God’s Wrath Lyrics

Chaos, war, and fire
The cities now are burning
Death comes from the sky
The final time is coming
God’s wrath will destroy us
Humanity will suffer
An earthquake shakes the ground
The moon is turning blood red

War and fire
The rage of God
(The rage of God)Many men search for the death
None of them can find it yet
We are hostages of this fate
The end of times, the God’s revenge!War and fire
The ragе of God
(The rage of God)Behold thе wrath of the ruler of the universe
The hand of God will be heavy in punishing the men
The sky is turning black in the middle of the day
The mountains were not found and every island fled away
Sulfur is rotting in the air
Rain of fire, suffocation I can’t breathe
The throne of the beast must fall today
Revenge of God against the men

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