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Earned Lyrics

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Earned Lyrics


[Intro: DJ Drama]
(I’m workin’ on dyin’)
They question how I got the top spot
Huh, nigga, ’cause I earned it (Gangsta Grillz)[Verse 1: LGP Qua & Tory Lanez]
I’m feelin’ better than I ever did
On a paper mission, tryna get it like a settlement
They see the bench plan goin’ hard, please [?]
Know they ’bout to hear this and go crazy in the club again
Knowin’ that we got it, baby girl, so why you askin’?
Knowin’ she was foreign, from the head down to the accent
And every time she hit an injury, she say “Damn, is that an Aston?”
Every time I see them jeans, I’m thinkin’ “How she fit the ass in?” (Uh)
[Verse 2: Tory Lanez]
How she fit that ass in? I just pull an [?]
Fuck her like a butcher, tryna [?] like I’m Aston
Shorty and her folks got that Volks’ and that wagon
Should I hit once? I’m supposed to be braggin’
Buy a bitch [?], but don’t buy that bitch a Birkin
Fuck her friend good, make her other friend nervous

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