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There Is a Garden Lyrics

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There Is a Garden Lyrics

I was standing in a garden
A garden gone to seed
Choked with every kind of weed

There were twisted trees around me
All black against the sky
Black and bare and dead and dryMy father called
“Come out of this place!”
I wanted to go, but there was no way
No sign, no path, to show me the way
Then another voice was calling
It barely could be heard
I remember every word”There is a garden
“come with me, come with me
“A shining gardеn
“come and see, come and see”Therе love will teach us
“Harmony and grace
“harmony and grace”Then love will lead us
“to a quiet place.”Then I ran to find the singer
I longed to see his face
He could free me from this placeEvery step I took was terror
The ground beneath me burned
Stones were everywhere I turnedAnd worst of all
There was the noise
Angry shouts, furious cries
And a roar
Like the roar of millions of flies!
Through it all his voice was calling
But now it seemed quite near
Soft and warm and strong and clear”There is a garden
“come with me…”
“Come with me.”Then desire took hold inside me
To touch his saving hand
Just to touch his tender handAnd I knew what he would look like
So handsome, so serene
Just my age, just seventeenI saw him then, I saw his face
I ran to him
He vanished like smokeI reached, I called and I awoke”There love will teach us
“harmony and grace
“harmony and grace
“Then love will lead us
“To a quiet place, to a quiet place.”

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