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Prelude Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Prelude Lyrics.

Prelude Lyrics

Doh, Daa, Day
Mornin’ sun kisses the windows, kisses the walls
Of the little white house;
Kisses the door-knob, kisses the roof
Kisses the door-knob and pretty red roof
Of the little white house in Scarsdale

Friendly sun opens the eyelids, opens the eyes
Of the husband and wife;
Kindles their faces, kindles their love
Kindles their faces with greetings of love
In thе little white house in Wеllesley Hills
Our little spot, out of the hubbub
Less than an hour by train
Suburbia! Sweet in the Spring
Healthful in Winter
Saves us the bother of summers in MaineMornin’ sun kisses the driveway, kisses the lawn
Kisses the flagstones on the front lawn
Of the little white house
Kisses the paper at the front door
Kisses the roses around the front door
Of the little white house in Ozone ParkRatty Boo. Sofa so far so, Automobee, Ought to be Moby
Sofa so far. Ever over debout. Ever tin over
Skid a lit day. Skid a lit Ada A barbanel: who
But a barbanel buys a visa
Suburbia!Parks for the kids, neighborly butchers
Less than an hour by train!
That mornin’ sun says a good mornin’
Have a good day. Have a good morning’
Have a good day in the city today
Joy to your labors until you return
To the little white house in Highland Park
In shaker Heights
In Michigan Falls
In Beverly Hills
Skid a lit day; skid a lit day… Ratty boo

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