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I Did This For Trish (Ms Patricia Lindley) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you I Did This For Trish (Ms Patricia Lindley) Lyrics.

I Did This For Trish (Ms Patricia Lindley) Lyrics

I’m so sorry Ah took so long
Ah tried to do right but this shit went wrong
Nights ah slept with ma pistol on
My future was set fuck a crystal ball
Started ma life as criminal
But in Southside Queens it the norm
No way I’m doing the minimal
Never played it safe so the risk was born
They said the weak shall inherit the earth
But from eyes it’s the strong
They said I would never make another classic
Bitch they lied cuz it’s this song
Ah mean look What they did to Von
RIP Chinx and the list goes on
I do this for all ah ma niggas that died and ah didn’t cry cuz the list so long
Ah made it ah made it
But I’m broken I’m burnt & Im jaded
Was it worth all the hurt & hatrеd
What about all that dirt in the pavement
Was attеnding this church in the basement
It was under the funeral home
But the hearse was adjacent
Reverend reading these verses from David
Now they saying Im one of the greatest
Momma upgraded – went and gotta Mercedes

Ah went and got her the latest
Then wished her a happy belated
She was so happy ah waited
And now that Im actually famous
She said Son whatever you do remember stay true
Does it really hurt if it’s painless?So Ah sat back and ah thought about it
They say I’m blessed he got a force around him
Never being loved is what brought about it
Sanity Ah lost and found it
When ah wanna jail yea the courts allowed itSo many niggas just hate that I’m winning
No matter what happens the fact that I’m grinning
How ladies they love me I’m loving these women
Ah Told em to wait they ain’t fuck with ma vision
They stuck on division Ah minus the weight
While I’m up in the kitchen
I’m cheffing I’m cooking I’m washing these dishes
Watching decisions being made by niggas locked in these prisons
With no visits allowed
Im only talking to God so listen could we just sit in these clouds
It’s so sad whenever your make it
It’s feels like they pissed at you now
Over a decade and finally made it
God damn Ah know Trish would be proud
Saying there better be no bitches aroundI’m so missing her sound
I’m missing her then like I’m missing her now
Right before I would go on these runs Ah give her a hug then a kiss on her browWith everything in me
Plus the fact that my Goddess is Hindi
Ah just wanna pay homage then simply acknowledge that I still love you Ms LindleyGod Trish
I wish you could’ve dodge this
You were looking like hostage
While laying up in hospice
That shit was hard to process
I’m crying Your dying
Yeah Ah nigga lost it
Tears flowing like faucet
My emotions in a mosh pit
Only woman I adored
So when you died it hurt even more
Suicidal thoughts all on ma mind
Girl I just wish
Should’ve told you before
Ah didn’t know you were so sick
Even though we the closest
Hindsight is 20-20
Looking back I’m screaming oh shitAh don’t cry no more
Ah don’t try no more
They tried to kill me twice
Ah don’t die no more
It’s only a matter Ah time before I’m equipped with a silencer
Black men killing black men means we about to be dinosaursBut You’ll never see this nigga in a bando
Never on the news in a scandal
Never getting set up by these damn hoes
Making all this money is gamble
Some say I’m to driven
While others to giving
Ah mean what you expect from a nigga who
Sold drugs for a living – I’m tripping

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