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Oh, My Little Nothing Lyrics

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Oh, My Little Nothing Lyrics

Her mother was her mother
But her mother was the earth
And her father was her father
But religion at its worst

She asked them “could you love me?”
They said “honestly, we could..
..but if we love this version
It won’t do you any good”Night time came, she packed her bags
But left them in her room
And left footprints in the ashes
As she ran far from their view
She climbed up a volcano
She shouted at thе moon
Saying “you think you’re so perfect?
I bеt I could be like you”Embarrassed by her anger
She slept amidst the rocks
And as dreamland came to take her
Seems the moon began to talkIt said, “oh, my little nothing
I am jealous of your voice
For though the tides obey my orders
Know my orders aren’t by choice”Blistered foot on jagged path
Descended in the morn
Found a meadow with the imprint
Of a woman fully formedShe placed her back on matted grass
Exhaled a little hurt
Taking comfort in the knowledge
Someone else was broken firstShe stripped her clothes
And bathed in soil
Then cleansed in river pure
And her fingerprints reordered
From her father’s into hers
She ran with a tornado
And she laughed with a typhoon
Saying, “you think you’re so dangerous?
I’m as powerful as you”Encouraged by her nature
Mother Gaia said a prayer
And then earth and fire and water
All delivered it with careIt went, “oh, my little nothing
May you keep claiming shape
The life is all your canvas
Now you choose what to paint”

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