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When You Put A Ring On Her Lyrics

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When You Put A Ring On Her Lyrics

Shawty got the booty
Man I’m drowning in the sauce
Steady dropping basic bitches
Only fuckin with the boss
That’s a woman
She don’t need a nigga
Paying for the shots
Yeah she got a broken heart
But I can fix it with a talk

I ain’t scheming
I’m just cheesing
Love my chick
Man I got my reasons
Change like seasons
Talk through meanness
We gon work
Won’t catch me cheating
Like these heathens
Way to weak
To say they feelings
Pull they trigger
Way too early
Got a baby
Now they hurry
Grown ass men
Like mice they scurry
Shoot they shot
But they not Curry
Walk that walk
But still be buried
Got no cash
But still get purry
Leaving all these girls that worryMad by the fact
When they do right it back
If it hadn’t been done
Then you could be sad
But you bragLiving comfy
Got my baby by my side
Ain’t afraid to cry
Let’s be honest homie I confide
With my girl at times
Had some ex’s say I’m outta line
Left em high and dry
I don’t need that negativity
My current is divine
Know my lady the do the most
I seen her fight inside a mosh
She don’t need a nigga buying
She’s a self-reliant boss
Love the way we work through issues
Know we’ll be victorious
Bro I know that she the one
I got that ring and paid the costOnly shooting for the future
We ain’t worried about the past
Talking through the pain at times
Making sure we’re gonna last
Stay close like M*A*S*H
She’ll be my last
Lay in grass
Don’t need the fads
We’re smoking gas
Mix the hashWas by myself
I thought a coffin
Might be what I need
For my health
Cause life can be so bad
When it’s just you
And you can’t ask for the help
Maybe that’s just me
And I may need
A soul mate
Meant for my shelf
So I can sit right next to her
And we can watch the world end
Laughing at the people who
Think they know how the world is
We’ve been beaten down by life
Now we could go buy a new benz
But life is not material
It’s bout making moves and growing
So grab yo cuddle buddy
Go out and show em you know it

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