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Living In The Moment Lyrics

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Living In The Moment Lyrics

It’s all coming back to me at once
All the memories
Everything I’ve had throughout this life
At one point I wanted to throw it all away
And now I wanna keep it close to my heart
Close to everything I have
I don’t wanna let this shit go
I’ll let go of the bad
And keep what makes me, Me
Which is my memories

I miss living in the moment
Now I’m always avoiding it
Maybe I don’t fit in with the rest
Because I’ve always felt different
I’m Emotionally drained and distant
I’m sorry for being this way
I worry about the words I never say
Always talk about the grave
But don’t reach out to be saved
I’ve made so many great friends
Wonder when I’ll stop being so jealous of them
But no matter what I’ve left myself helpless
Wonder if I’m meant to be hopeless
Maybe I should just be fucking honest
With you and my fucking self
Been at my lowest
Reaching the end of this
Maybe I need to vanish
Before it all breaks me down
Too pieces
(Too pieces)[Outro: Sample from Fruits Basket (Anime)]
Don’t worry it won’t always be like this
As your body & mind grow
The fear will fadeKyo:
Was he right?
If I keep growing
Will I overcome the fear

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