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Nights Uptown (Krept Freestyle) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Nights Uptown (Krept Freestyle) Lyrics.

Nights Uptown (Krept Freestyle) Lyrics

Real life
You know I gotta vent sometime, yeah
That’s the one, turn me up, akh

Ri-Ridin’ through the city, four V’s like twenty of us (Gang)
Hundred grand in jewels and them niggas wanna tek it from us (Nah)
Scary outside, so we got to keep the steady on us (Yeah)
Makes me feel sick, we gotta roll around with metal on us (Woosh)
Took a L once, ain’t tryna tek one again (Nah)
And my niggas said, “There’s no way that their buryin’ their friend” (Nope)
So if you wanna go there, bros will take it to the end
Catch you in a E-class, now that nigga in a Benz (Shit)
Heard you niggas in a Airbnb (Shit)
Like my niggas won’t air a B&B, stop playin’ (Brr)
Anime, do you up is what I’m sayin’
Yeah, we sinnin’, but in addition, we still prayin’ (Trust)
Bat-Battlin’ these demons, that’s a separate war (Separate war)
Do I really want that ting? You know, I’m never sure (Fuck)
All them niggas broke, that’s why they get ignored
Runnin’ back that twenty pound’s the only time they settle scores
Signed a wack record deal, that shit really cost us
Now it’s TV, agency, tech, skincare
Property, investments, yeah, it turned me to a monster (Rrr)
Now I’m doin’ toasts with billionaires over lobster (Facts)
Stop comparin’ (Please), we just brought the mayor in (Yeah)
It’s war you’re declarin’ till my jareer starts airin’ (Bop-bop)
Yeah, we sin but a nigga still God fearin’ (Yeah, we are)
Stand up guy, but you’re lookin’ at the chairman (Yeah)
We were cool until you went and lost all my respect (Yeah)
Call me Ja Rule the way that 50 on my neck (Ice-ice)
All-All this water feelin’ heavy us
Need to start workin’ out, we really got the belly on us
You know I’m carryin’ this burden, it’s a heavy one
You ever had them days where you’re thinkin’ fuck everyone? (Fuck everyone)
My-My two niggas done a tape together (What else?)
You know they got the Drizzy then got 21 (Free)
Said, he on my niggas, but they found him first
Cah my niggas went around there first
Treat the Louis store like a dissertation (What else?)
Just done a ten thousand word (Ah) cah my lifestyle eventful (Yeah)
They said, “Buy a house before you buy a watch”
But by then, man got the presidential (Presi’)
My brother done it on push bike and let it fly through (Yes)
Now there’s blood on his stick, that’s a menstrual cycle (Ugh)Late night, we gotta step with the demons
Uptown cah them niggas stay schemin’ (They schemin’ on us)
But bro bought a heater to West End (Keep goin’)
Guess now we got central heatin’ (Ah)
Nanny got dementia, don’t remember me (Nana)
Used to visit family every Sunday
Now I gotta visit family in the cemetery (Ah)
Me and Blaine were young committin’ felonies (We were)
But when I found out he died, I just fell on knees (Rest up, cuz)
When it’s UK rap, put respect on me (Please)
All I can hear is niggas wishin’ death on me (Pussy)
**** brought it to West End, said that he’s protectin’ me
Loadin’, he’ll let go, make everyone in Central see (Boom)
Just keep it bottled up and don’t say things (Nah)
El Chapo, gotta use the pen for escapin’ (Trust)
Got my niggas in the can just waitin’ (They waitin’)
Get-Get smoke in the pen like you vapin’ (Ah), just statin’
We gettin’ money in the interim (Cash)
I’ll buy that girl a car to swerve you niggas in (Skrrt)
Shoppin’ sprees, then we take it back in dividends (Yes)
We makin’ millions, my nigga, we on different things
Can’t trick me outta my position, you’re a bitch (You’re a bitch)
Now I got your bitch in a position doin’ tricks (You know it)
He was livin’, but that nigga didn’t listen (Nah)
They made that nigga cease up like he crippin’ (Yeah)
Young G’s listen (Yeah), gotta make it out the system
Think it’s a game, till your blood’s streamin’ and your twitchin’
Stop wishin’, get out the hood, it’s a trap
Felt that burn in his abs, turned that nigga to a pack
They were testin’ **** till we let the thunder sound (Boom)
Left him on tubes, nearly put that nigga underground
It’s funny how my bro ain’t on no Tik-Tok usin’ (Nah)
But my nigga really step up close when he shootin’ (Brr)
Prayin’ for my downfall, you know they’re waitin’ for me (Yes)
Tryna do it for my friends and fam, they wanna take it from me (I am)
My brother still got youngers with the flake and bobby (Trust)
He got a kid with the Rih’ like A$AP Rocky (Yeah)
You know it’s really dangerous when man are rich
Call us Peter Jones, we’ll give them money for a pitch
Tried to warn that little nigga, he weren’t showin’ no respect
Till he got slices at his door, it was a domino effect (Whoosh)
Invested in my daughter, couldn’t save it all (Nany)
The shit I’m tryna build, it’s generational (You know)
Sensational, we started from a biro
Ironically, I make a killin’ off a live show (Mm)
Brothers that are sinnin’ judgin’ brothers that are sinnin’
Movin’ like they got a say, when it’s time for forgivin’ (Stop)
God willin’, my bros make it out the field
No locations on the ‘Gram, cah this shit is gettin’ real
Cristiano with the Nala’s, baby, move, done it proudly
Want my products middle east, that’s me kickin’ it in Saudi (Levels)
Man didn’t believe when the vision was said (They didn’t)
Now they wanna talk splits, but that’s a bit of a stretch (Haha)
Paid me to come and party out in Birmingham (Cyeah)
Just for half an hour, told them thirty min’ (Minimum)
You know I’ve been a wordsmith from long time (From long time)
I’m Maguire, gotta put me in the top five (Shit)

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