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Wanted Change Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Wanted Change Lyrics.

Wanted Change Lyrics


I kept it a buck with you, I guess you wanted change
I see that your feelings gone, I can’t help if you change
I been losin’ myself, am I the one to blame?
I don’t want nobody else, I wanna give you my name[Verse]
Talkin’ ’bout bands, in my pocket
I’m in the H wit’ my twin, like rocket
She bussing it down, she finna go pop it
Gotta get this shit, got no option
Put some cake on his head, like auction
I got a bad bitch she stay in Austin
He sippin green bitch, like a martian
She wanna slide, proceed with caution
Me & her finna link hope this go well
Don’t wanna fuck, wanna treat you well
And I hope that this don’t fail
They wanna talk, and it don’t be fair
I said fuck love, but I fеll twice
They wanna play, wanna play with they lifе
You wanna leave, I said it’s your life
She blowing my high, she talk out of spite
We do the same things, over and over
You wanna fight but I keep my composure
You ain’t even give me no closure
I spend a bag when I hit up dover
Rocking Alyx buckle rollercoaster
She wanna ride ride rollercoaster
My bitch fancy sippin on mimosa
He wanna talk talk we gone fold him

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