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Bitch im active, bitch this magic, pistol packing, this a Glock
We go at it, like some addicts, out here scrapping, over rocks
We do damage, we reek havoc, speakers blasting, down ya block
Run up on us you get dropped
Run up on us you get popped

I ain’t bugging, bitch we thugging, out in public
With the mop
Chronic puffing, off a substance, getting sluggish
Off the wok
Muthafucka what you thought?
Muthafucka you got caught
Any body could get knocked
Look how dirty they did pacMane i’ll stain a playa hata
Tryna play me like a sega
You don’t owe me i don’t care
Muthafucka need to pay upBitch i’ll run up like a lay up
Make him seize up like a taser
Serving fiends like ima waiter
Sending rounds like fucking platesIssa party at the rendezvous
This smoke from marijuana fumes
This freak bitch real know how to move
Spilled malibu up on my suitSee i do what i wanna do
Cuz i do what i gotta do
Act stupid.,execute you, have yo family selling barbque(HOOK)
Mobbing like the good fellas
You should do better
You should do better
Right right
Cruising with the ruga, we maneuver, thru them streets
Dude a nuisance up in houston catch me coolin with the heat
Who you fooling? you ain’t moving, you ain’t doing it like we
Think he ruthless. leave him oozing, while he snoozing, off that leanYou get jacked, for ya pack
Smacked with Gatts
You know what time it isRush you out in public
Like wassup bitch
How yo mom and them?What squad you in?
My dawgs go pop again
Pop trunk and drop you inWho topping this?
Proceed with cautious bitch
My Glock shoot marvelousI’m breaking down them thangs and more
Been swanging banging dangerous bro
My stainless having you staining roads
Been blazing haze and dranking slow
My brain been kinda crazy tho
Been thinking strange and anxious bro
You think this shit a game? you wrong
Get banged up by these Ks and moreTires screeching
Triggas squeezing
Wig chopping bitchMama screaming
Leave you leaking
This a big shotty bitchWe got big problems bitch
You get tripped stomped and kick
Quit that plexing
Down in Texas
We get real rowdy bitch(HOOK)
Mobbing like the good fellas
You should do better
You should do better
Right right

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