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Get out of your own way Lyrics

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Get out of your own way Lyrics

[Smooth Melody & Wave Sounds]

You know what I found out
That nothing is stopping you
Nothing is stopping me
Nothing is stopping you
From reaching your goals
I thought about it I said
If you’re on a football field
And the football field has no defense or players on it
And you can see the goal on the other side of the football field
What is stopping you from getting to the goal because
The goal is your idea your dream your image your imagination
Your vision, right
So, if I see myself being a doctor a lawyer a basketball player
A architect, a singer a rapper a motivational speaker
A influencer, a scientist whatever I see myself being
I can be, who’s stopping mе from getting to that goal
Who’s stopping you from getting to your goal
Therе’s nothing in your way but yourself
Move out of your own way
Get out of your own way
And run to the finish line
Run to the goal post
Run run run run run
And you will make it
There will be obstacles
But knock em over
Go under them over them around them
Slow down speed up but
Other than that, right know you don’t see any obstacles
All you see is a goal
So go for your goal
If anything pops up just destroy it get it out the way or whatever
But right now as you get started you’re good
You’re off to a good start
See you in the end when you’re very successful

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