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Song Info: Presenting you Z FOR VENDETTA ! Lyrics.


One take nigga (Zay)
Yuh, aye, aye, aye
Aye, aye, yeah
(Are you serious?)

I got a vendetta
Opps in the spot get the drop if you let em
Not ready for war better cop a baretta
Don’t take a risk ‘fore you make the assessment
When I get on the beat I ain’t taking no effort
These niggas fake they be snaking they best friend
How you a rat but you not bout the cheddar
You coppin a half that is not an investment
I catch a rapper, I’m snatching his necklace
He not about shit so I’m talking real reckless
Searching for peace but I’m rocking with vengeance
Don’t settle grudges, I just get you wet up
Hate in my heart and its burning forever
I’m not a prophet, this not a religion
I’m not a god so I don’t forgive sinners
Let off some shots but its just the beginning
Pick up the chop that is how I’ma finish
I leave these niggas a lot to remember
I don’t like to talk before dinner
Don’t care if you poppin’, you not a contender
We plotted all summer he got caught in September
We slid again, he got shot in the winter
Spot me an opp and I gotta go get ’em
I think that they soft, so I’m robbing these niggas
I feel like 50, I got me a mission
Uh, yeah
J’s on my feet, I ain’t walkin’ in Christians
If you on my dick then you probably tripping
Rap niggas diss, I ain’t bother to listen

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