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I been in the same place for months
I see now it’s time to get my money up
(Spy W-W-Wars)
I know you wanted this
Let’s go

I found my way
It’s a game, ‘cuz I could hit the famous life today
What a shame, I did no pseudo for a day, I escaped
And then everything fell into its place
Tell me what would you do If you was me, I don’t know either
Funny t-shirts, closets on seizures
I’m a geeker, [?]
Just wanna be us, weirdos ask me for features
Falling apart but I’ll fall and put a smile on
Shoulder to cry on tell me where has my mind gone
You wanna ride on sorry but I got my [?]
You bitches fine but funny like Monty Python
[?] alot of dudes in your [?] but they sideshows
I could do this shit with my eyes closed
Matter fact I do this shit with my eyes closed
You can’t see me but I swear I have my eyes closed

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