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[You’re tuned into Star Wars FM
Player Underway, Kid Trash, Let’s go
Feel the vibe, feel the vibe

Heart made of stone, I don’t think I’m gonna make it home
I cannot make it on my own, DJ turn the music up!
Rolling hard like a Rolling Stone
I ain’t really ever had a home
D boy that my fans that my clones
Had to take a break from the cold, had to roll life, rock and roll
Running up the bag, it’s toxic
I just wanna feel again, I been so sick
Hold up, or I have to up the dosage
I’m a hater I don’t wanna say I’m coasting
In the star Rolls that’s just how we posted
And it didn’t go as well as I was hoping
Now I’m standing here with my arms open, now I’m standing here with my arms open
I lost hope in making change (you’re so cold)

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