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Fire and Iron (Live) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Fire and Iron (Live) Lyrics.

Fire and Iron (Live) Lyrics

Sunday morning and the lawns all mown
We walked through the Japanese Gardens Home
You tried to impress me by rolling a smoke
But your hands were shaking and the paper broke
I played cool and I took a drag
Coughed like the kid on the Panadol ad
You just smiled and kicked the dirt
Said, “We’re not as cool as we thought we were”

On the night that we first kissed
I climbed out the window so I wouldn’t be missed
Getting too big for the swings in the park
Passing the lighter in the dark
As the sun came up we had to leave
You said my name, I could feel you breathe
I walked home in the freezing cold
Heartbeat thumping through my coat
Fire and iron
Iron and fire
Tears in the water
Water in the wineThat awkward winter turned to spring
We learned a million grown-up things
Sharing cigarettes under the stars
We laughed and drank and raced your car
Then one morning, right on dawn
You the lost the wheel, you missed the turn
The whole world rolled on top of us
You said my name, but I never woke up againLet it go, let it go
Where’s the guy I used to know?
The girl I was died years ago, now she’s a ghost
Let me goFire and iron
Iron and fire
I’m living your life
And you’re living mineSunday morning and the lawns all mown
You walk through the Japanese Gardens Home
You look so funny with your kids in tow
You gave up smoking years ago

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