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Wind’s Howling Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Wind’s Howling Lyrics.

Wind’s Howling Lyrics

Hmm, wind’s howling
Summoning snow
Land so vast
Between them both

Wolf is seeking
Out the swallow
Bound by fate
Or something more?Wind’s Howling
Wind’s Howling
Hmm, wind’s howling
Swallow must fly
Danger waits at her tailSeek the white wolf
All will be right
With the wolf she is safeWolf and swallow
Run to embrace
Sure as stars in the nightWolf and swallow
Woven by fate
Bound like father and childWind’s howling
Wind’s howlingHmm, wind’s howling
Hmm, wind’s howlingHmm, wind’s howling
Round their embrace
Lashing them like the tide
Wolf and swallow
Woven by fate
Bound like father and childBound like father and child

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