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Same Shit Lyrics

This shit don’t feel right
Yeah, long live my brother Ken, like
No, this shit don’t feel right
Uh, long live my brother Ken
(Are you scared now?)

We too old to be arguin’ ’bout the same shit (‘Bout the same shit)
I really hate how I love this ho, this bitch always on lame shit, every time (Every time)
Brother’s on that case, shit ain’t been the same since (Yeah, yeah)
And I hate how I love this bitch, she always on some lame shit (Huh, lame shit)Can’t get caught in public with you ’cause you not my main (‘Cause you not my main)
Can’t get caught up with you, can’t put you in front of gang
Sorry, I can’t lovе you, bitch, can’t trust you, you ain’t my main
I get higher than I evеr been, shit still don’t feel the same
And she always come right back to me and money and my mama think I’m famous (Mama think I’m famous)
I been gettin’ richer, mama thinkin’ that my [?]
I done got more richer, mama thinkin’ that I’m famous
I done got more richer, mama thinkin’ that I’m famous (Ha, I think that I’m—)Ha, I might go get high
I’m thankin’ God, yeah, ’cause my brothers, they never changed on me (Phew)
Can’t get too caught up on these drugs, can’t get caught in no lame shit
Can’t get caught up in no love, can’t get caught in lame shit
I’m on these X pills with this ho, that shit gon’ change her
I stand by business, I can’t mix it up with love, uh
Can’t get up with these hoesFuck a LA bitch, she from my finsta, they already know I’m up
Hate goin’ back to LA, yeah, I’m good on that fake love
Nigga and I ain’t got no peace
Nigga, if it’s up, it’s up with anybody, nigga, I don’t give no fucks
Can’t beef ’bout no bitch with a nigga, can’t beef ’bout no slut
Hell no, I can’t just let you in, nigga, you know, gotta earn my trust, huh (Earn my trust, yeah)
Yeah, I stay to myself, know I’m out the way, yeah, on a new month
My new bitch just cheated on me, bought her Chanel, she ain’t ask for nothin’, huh
Long live Ken (Yeah), doin’ this shit for him so I know he seein’ it (Yeah)
Fuck it, I’m goin’ insane and free for the ones who stayed the same
Still don’t feel right, huh
I been gettin’ this money though, I still don’t feel right (I still don’t feel)
And I’m high off hella dope so turnt, it still don’t feel right (It still don’t feel right)
Long live my brother, yeah, long live Ken, this shit don’t feel right (Feel right)

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