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New Day Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you New Day Lyrics.

New Day Lyrics

Rise up like the sun it’s time to make moves. Through all my ups and downs I remain cool

Hook: It’s a new day for the players to play
Don’t chase our dreams we live our dreams
After riches that’s why I mind my business
Pretty hoes like to eye a nigga. I got one of the best flows out a mouth nigga. Changed my location to make the dream realer. Where I can take this there is no ceiling. Bout my paper like BGizzlе. I read that music can be an asset yеars ago. Took a year off don’t wanna do that no more. Gotta keep moving forward I gotta keep making songs. When you hear me you can separate the good from the wrong. Ones that are after something and ones that wanna be broke. I’m cooking sex love just imagine my stroke. I can help the little man inside the boat. Niggas be on pills, herion and white dope. I don’t pop pills, shoot up or powder my nose. Give me that fuzzy green tree that I can smoke. Want it no other way and that’s the way it goes
Where you at is the place to be. Pimping the game like I’m Goldie. Selling dope products at my own will. Long Hair like Ron O’Neal. It’s best to get it how you live. In the game without a deal. I’m still playing tho. Niggas committing fouls like they don’t add up. Bossing up and achieving my goals. I like my chicks in sneakers or even showing their pretty toes. I got some fans around the globe. Ima continue building it up so I can do some international shows. If you got dreams don’t quit keep going. Gotta make them real cus your life depend on it. Just cus I’m not on these records acting hard shit ain’t sweet. I like my voice over beats

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