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DLG Lyrics

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DLG Lyrics

I read that Hov said don’t play with this shit. So ima focus my mind and hustle and get rich. I ain’t where I wanna be yet. Coming from the bottom with struggles. It’s nothing new but it can’t knock me

Verse1:Benzes and them bentleys are symbols of success. Smoking on sativa I don’t do the stress. Not where I wanna be but nigga ima get there. Don’t waste time on shit that don’t get you better. The game ain’t fair but I’m playing it anyway. Fuck the beef all I want is to get paid. Ready to start making a living off what I say. Ima travel across the globe and learn somе things. Fuck being rich and a nigga lame. Fuck being rеal and ain’t shit to my name. Life is good and I chase my dream. Ima live it up first work my plans. Ima build wealth cus i feel I can. Ima show the youth we can do anything. Nigga Ima profit off my pain. Focused on learning, my focal to gain. Used to be innocent as we grew time changed. Fuck settling I’m on to bigger and better things. Stack the rest of the money after I pay my rent. If it don’t make dollars it don’t make senseVerse2:I do this for the love shout out the real supporters. I talk to myself just to keep things in order. I love a fine chick with a nice aura. Porsche 911 dreams I don’t like a Honda. Head down putting in work but I see the vision clearly. Just tryna stay consistent with this music, you feel me? I rather speak on these tracks and give you the real me. Don’t live goalless, DreamLivin garments, DLG. Young nigga out to build a legacy. I do this here to make a better me. Even on Christmas we grinding my G. Spend time with family, rhyme to these beats. Aware of my surroundings tho I’m minding me. Staying out the way, getting my green. Working to build another income stream. You gotta add soul in the mix of things. Want my 1st mil by 30 nigga. Competing with myself not with none of you niggas. I love seeing others succeed, I’m never in my feelings. Hustling hard with these legal dealingsEnd talk:
Yamsayin, I ain’t worried about appealing to the mainstream. Fuck the fame bitch I want income streams

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