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I Don’t need a bitch
I’m what a Bitch Need
Murder the fuck I wrote
Aye yo Kuma
What typa strain you smoking
Opp pack all I smoke
Meta this Meta that
Aye Lil nigga
Have you ever met a trick
You Talking trash
I pull up like a Beyblade, nigga I let it rip
I’m smoking on that grand daddy purp
Self made nigga
On my own
I came straight from the dirt
Blast yo spine, icy hot
How the fuck does that work
Said you tribe, you is not
I am not of this earth
Boy I’m not of this world
Ain’t no body gave a damn bout that boy
Now that Boy a Man
1 v 9, yeah I stood my ground
I call that Final Stand
Feel like Frieza how I’m plotting on them niggas
They gone die by my hand
Everybody wanna know if I’m on their side
Nigga it all depends

They don’t understand
What the hell I mеan
You don’t understand
What the hell I mеan
I ain’t poppin percs I pop amphetamines
I am not the Judge, I’m the GuillotineYou said you run these parts
You ain’t got no Haki
What that mean
Man to man
You can never stop me
What that mean
Hand to hand
You can never top me
I’m an Og not no chump
Soldier do you copy
She said she want love
I just want a body
I’m a Macho Man
Racing through your thot
Race car, Gran Turismo
She said i’m a beast i’m a gremlin
Not no gizmo
They said be a man
Now I’m a man, they call me monster
Focus on this mission, I was born and raised to conquer
It’s kill or be killed no more love I have to slaughter
It’s all fun and games til a nigga raise his chopper
Said I musta changed, I ain’t the same now i’m a goner

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