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Dedication Lyrics

[Intro: Savage King]
Let’s get the fun on
Come on and turn me on now
Turn this up
This is Dedication

[Verse: Savage King]
This is a dedication
To all of my homies
And all of my hoes
Thanks for protecting me
From this addiction I’m having
All that gon make me stronger
Yeah make my money longer
I ain’t gonna be shorter
My life got to be longer
I ain’t no foreigner to this
I know what I like to do
I got my pride in me
And I will let y’all know now
That this is Dedication
I’m bout to build a fortification
Ain’t no fiction here
A lot of this shit gotta be risky
Theres a lot of freaky shit too
But all I know so far
That’s this gotta be dedication

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