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[Verse 1]
She can’t even try to fix my broken heart
Left me stranded like a mess that fell apart
City lights all up on me I crashed my car
Like a never ending dream that went so far
Try to even try to
Please just pass the lighter
Drinking till I’m higher
Fire with no fighter
She a mess tho
Taking off her clothes
On my nightstand
Lil white snow whiter

[Verse 2]
Sorry baby I just had to catch a flight
So be patient ’cause I’m not like other guys
Imma make it till I reach the fucking sky
Lil heartless with a taste of endless lies
Party till I’m crashin’
Make it last forever
She won’t catch me lackin’
Girl you’re not that clever
Take my breath away
No one does it better
Love you for a day
Then I wish I never met her

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