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Sawgrass Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Sawgrass Lyrics.

Sawgrass Lyrics

I’ve been told there’s a star for each dreamer to wish to
And no matter how far you may go she is with you
Trust me she’s out there it’ll just take some time
And if she’s one in a billion she’ll be easy to find

I’ve been told there’s a place high up and out of the window
Beyond the blue all the way to the end of the rainbow
But if Heaven is waiting then Heaven can wait
And if she’s one in a billion tell them I’m coming lateI’ve been told there’s a feeling that arrives out of nowhere
No it won’t come a stealing when you first see her face somewhere
And you’ll know her at first sight and she’ll know you too
‘Cause she’s one in a billion but then so are you

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