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Slem Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Slem Lyrics.

Slem Lyrics

They tried to keep me down like invasive mind
The way I talk to people you would think that I’d be Saving lives
I wanna marry speakers my cuck said im great with wives
All do is you stare at lights and wonder why life picking fights

But really im destroying them play these hoes and toy with em
DOnt get your panties twisted pass it to the floor with them
Let me gurgle on that stick like my uncle did my dick
Brought me to his shed and wrapped his hairy hand around my neckWhisper raspy voice if I tell anyone Im hit
Hе would come and have me slit
SOmy mouth would nеver slip
Off the juices of my lips he gave bruises on my hip
Intrusive down my tip he concluded when he kicked
My pregnant mom down all the stairs for acting like a little bitch

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