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JK-47 & Jay Orient (Ft. ECB) – Lullaby Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you JK-47 & Jay Orient (Ft. ECB) – Lullaby Lyrics.

JK-47 & Jay Orient (Ft. ECB) – Lullaby Lyrics

[Verse 1: JK-47]
Everybody wanna talk, but I ain’t been listenin’
I’m on a mission like fuck what you thought, my eye on a million
[?] victim to the system, never that, I’ma give me some shit that I never had
Son lookin’ at me teary eyed, askin’ “When it gonna get better, dad?”
So I stayed up till the sun rose tryna write raps
Made a flow so tight, rappers [?] wanna try and bite that
Go on then, have a bite, but we ain’t alike, wouldn’t even try if I was in them shoes
Only way that you could understand is if you been through what we went through
Lemme show love to the day ones that stayed in my corner
Shit, if I make two, you can take one, that’s how I was brought up
And many men wanna talk tough, staunch stuff, fine by me
But I ain’t messin’ with the dick measurin’, I’m busy gettin’ to the cheese
Get the message? I won’t ever leave till they give me what I came here for
Only ever been an outcast, like Andre, I’m a big boy
Bet you know my name now, dragon leavin’ ashes
When I blow this flame out, flow Cobain, blow brains out

[Verse 2: Chiggz]
We makin’ money moves, all about this moola, backin’ our own vibes
[?] get a hundred through, plus ECB since oh-nine
Like run it up, run it up, bank (Bank) Vivid on visions, hey (Hey)
[?] with it, thanks (Thanks, thanks) Never runnin’ out of [?] (Oh)
[?] just lookin’ for people to stay
I wanna house, I wanna boat, bigger and better than both, not payin’ rent, gonna own
Team with a ten on the road, proud of the team for all that we know
We had it bad where no one would go, breakin’ it down and buyin’ new phones
Rollin’ up weed, ha, rollin’ a doob
Puttin’ in work, ha, team not willin’ to lose, nah
See this? Ha, we ready to move, yeah
2486, hot in the booth

[Verse 3: Deltoy]
This ain’t a fluke, you witnessin’ greatness (Yeah, we different) I see you waitin’ but I never say shit (Nah)
I don’t got time to show hate, no breakin’, I’m tryna make it
This that East Coast (What) Brothers fillin’ grandstands (Shit)
Tryna stack this money up just to feed my little fam (We hungry)
I been fightin’ all these demons ever since Ma let me down
Didn’t faze me, that shit made me, now your boy ’bout to make it out (Uh-huh)
I had no money, barely a roof, shout out to aunt, she gave me a room
Strugglin’ hard, wasn’t nothin’ new, now we comin’ up, whatcha gonna do? (Aroo)

[Verse 4: Nate G]
Never mind lookin’ for me ([?]) We dippin’ through cities
I’m flippin’ the tables collectin’ the cheese (Gettin’ the cheese) Remember you pitied my dogs?
Thank God we off of the leash (Woo) We were scrapin’ the bottom
[?] you wasn’t with me, brah, tell ’em get lost and follow my lead
Because we gettin’ close (Yes, yes) I can feel it in the air now
On a mission and I came prepared, I ain’t really in it for the staredowns
Said the second that I [?] guess we got a man down
Brah, I knew I had to send the bag since I was young and mum was pushin’ prams round
Brah, we goin’ ham now (Yessir) That’s the bloodline mobbin’ on the stage
Brah, I got mine, what you tryna say to that? Got time, I ain’t here to play
Whole different plan now (Yeah, what) I ain’t feelin’ like I was the other years (Nah)
I was kickin’ in the backseat, motherfucker, now I’m tryna steer

[Verse 5: JK-47, Nate G]
Be here doin’ this, early morn till the sun sets
Wanna hit my line? Get your money right, tell ’em better run checks
Can’t waste my time tryna make one turn into a hundred
Tell ’em all move up, get up off the court, ’cause you know who up next
Yeah, yeah, you know who be up next, this here what we do best
Turnin’ music into a mission now we got ’em thinkin’ what we finna do next
Nate, everybody wanna talk, huh, but we don’t care about what you said
Only tryna put the bucks into the bank, give a fuck about your two cents, do it, Will

[Verse 6: WILL]
I’m tryna stick to what I know best (Yes) Like fuck beef, gimme checks (Money)
Been runnin’ it up for a minute, if we’re keepin’ it clean, we’re makin’ a mess
Where too many eyes be watchin’ my steps (They’re creepin’) And too many lie
But brah, I’ma keep it [?] the death, so homie, quit askin’ who gon’ be next

[Outro: [?], JK-47]
[?] sittin’ up in the green room with my clique (Okay, yeah)
I ain’t even ever rap to a fuckin’ click (Nah)
I don’t even fuck with motherfuckin’ clicks (No way)
My metronome can suck my motherfuckin’ dick (Woo)

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