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Here, Now Lyrics

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Here, Now Lyrics

Watching the sun setting on the mountain
In the silence of this desert town
If you see my head, tell me you found her
‘Cause I’m ready to be with her now
Tell her I’m sorry for the shit that I give her
And that she really is doing alright
That her hard work has earned her some time off
To go and be with the stars tonight
It’s funny how I’m surprised that all my shit came with me here
Keep looking for a switch to flick to make it all disappear
And be here, now. Here, now. Here, now
Watching the sun setting on the mountain
As the wind is rolling in
Don’t try and run away or get around it
Just feel it on your skin
I’m making space inside for you to come home
You are safe here in the now
There’s nothing here you need to hide from
Just keep breathing in and out
You don’t need the answers
It’s okay if it’s unclear
Take your hands off the wheel
You don’t need to steer
Just be here, now. Here, now. Here, now

Now the sun has set on the mountain
And the night is closing in
Coming to untie the knots that I’m bound in
And make it easier to swim
I walk back to my gallery of people
Who are walking beams of light
They’re all going through the same shit as I am
And we all will be alright
‘Cause everything, bad or good, will always disappear
Let that thought remind you that peace is always near
In the here, now. Here, now. Here, now
Just watched the sun set on the mountain

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