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Grimoires (Sharp Shooter) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Grimoires (Sharp Shooter) Lyrics.

Grimoires (Sharp Shooter) Lyrics

Light blinding, it’s Springsteen
Mean 16s, paint ceilings like Sistine
Pages pristine, serene waves turn to big beams
Slick schemes, to ensure the team feasting
Pen strokes is bee stings, gleaming off top like receding
Revelation peeking, I see screams
Words revealing, scenes of a dream fiend
Poseidon beefing, for the crown of sea king
Flow divine, reaching, depth defying, receive these
Perceived streams, make DVD seem like CD
Not for the teething, when she creaming
Hurt haters feelings, see they seething
Fold crews are creasing, this beasting is easy

Since Bebe and Cece, soul been eating
Received teaching, insights from preaching
Shatawn creeping, when ministers are fleecing
The flock bleating, pleading for keeping
Peace can be fleeting, be easy
Patience from seedlings to reaping
Get attached when I’m cc’d
Close Comfort feeds me, my heart where the feels be
Believe me, in the lab like Dex with no Dee Dee
Flow feeds trees, while the leaves bleed
More warlock, than wizard with these keys
Signs show that yall want smoke but I don’t see tipis
Bare arms like Creasy, when bars are re-leased
Hee-hee, trends are a joke forget Kiki

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