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Minute in Time (Intro) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Minute in Time (Intro) Lyrics.

Minute in Time (Intro) Lyrics

Sometimes I feel better than usual
And this is one of those times
I feel way better than usual

Balenciaga tags when I purchase
And I keep her in Chanel purses
You ain’t fucking with this like yous a virgin
Cashmere thoughts the rug is Persian
I never fuck with lames like Irwin
I never claimed to be street or urban
My records cut deep like a surgeon
And you ain’t got to ask when you know when
I’m the flyest ever might come out me the silver surfer leather
Chasing all these girls man who you know better
And you can it’s pump it up no def jam Vendetta
Back when me and spitz putting the plays back together
You was trying to tappin sorry it won’t happen
It’s looking like you oughta
Pay me what you owe me or more than you brought us
And this Is what they taught us more bands on more bands expansion in 2 grand
That’s Was back there in Oakland
I used to have girl when
Way back when
When it was that Saturday
Or was Wednesday
I mean who’s there to say
All I know is ashes trays and Marvin Gaye
And drinking Hennessy was like a call away
I’m one like Hardaway
Stubborn no it’s my way
I don’t know but it’s my day
I feel great
Marvelous at that
God bless us all
This might be too late for the intro
But fuck itI’m fashionably late like I oughta
I put these words together like an author
Stephen king Misery I’m honest
Mix that with a little onyx
Why work hard when you can work the smartest
It’s hard trying to shoot a moving target
They want me fucked up working at target
Or working for the state peddling garbage
Who me!? Kicked that out like that Jet Lee
I’m nasty with the words like I’m Kweli
I’m Highly qualified if you ask me
I’m on my island vibe like I’m fucking swae lee
Smoking la keeping cool without the a/c
I lost me Bouta rack out in d/c
Pull yo cameras out when you see me
I’m the closest thing to Goku in 3-D
That ultra instinct right there on Grove Street
Yo they can’t compete when you just that elite
I hit the ground running let the work speak
Dream chaser I don’t even know meek
But never had cold feet
I need me a mink
Flow is ocean deep
In these cold streets
The weak won’t eat
And the game is real vivid
Cuz I have floor seats yeah
Give me a beat I’ll rest in peace
Bruise up the drums and leave the keys deceased
I don’t got To look at shooter
I just say Capeesh
And leave a legacy
And take care of my niece
I know it’s been hard for a minute
And I’ve been pretty gone for a minute
I’m in the lab working on my double digits
Yeah cause I know I never quit it
Yeah I know I never quit it
Stop it just quit
If you talking out there and a critic
I killed you all
Y’all are finish
I meanHow can I hate myself
WhenI mean I love myself
YeahShit I’m gon marry myself yeahI’m gon marry myself yeahI been gone for a minute
Gone for a minuteYeahI need me a minute

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