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Petrol Lyrics

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Petrol Lyrics


Not, intimidatin’ to look at, but he has his darkness, you know, he was the brutal guy, he didn’t think about it to have somebody killed, he killed a lotta people…Yeah, what up, huh, yeah haha, ayo, yoVerse:I pop ligaments like duck sauce
Spray black chopper RAID, watch the bugs fall
Dump a truck all (what?), I bomb out like a pub crawl
Whiskey dip, I bust off
Form my cult like Mason them
Blackened spoons, to pay the rent
I paint houses and stay in them
Sticky spittin’ the pig mouth, I’m a roachmaster
They won’t let me get fly dart, I feel like a crow captured
No ether blanket into thе air plutonic
I shatter a mirror in the bins and walk barefoot on it (Damn)
Thе sheets out (huh?), I tear two bomb strips
Fuck any features I don’t care who wants it
I’ve mastered shit I’m old, still rappin’
On a map since bridge trappin’ with the trolls
Now I just fall backwards in the holes
Empty content o’ packets in a bowl
No cappin’ this I know (Facts)
Better do different than this if you can’t later (Word)
We outside the church like, ay Ayers
I’m old shit, brainwashin’ modern 8th graders
While we stuck in a overnight 28 Days Later
Watch authorities disband
Civilians quarantine sick and orderly wristband
I’m a plastic surgery center on fire, torture these implants
Upnorth grippin’ the house in a rocker (Like)
Like coroner’s hitman…
Rap sucks the border greed shit’s planned…
Outro:- I’m talkin’ about my life, I can’t seem to get that through to you, I’m not just talkin’ about one person I’m talkin’ about everybody, I’m talkin’ about form, I’m talkin’ about content, I’m talkin’ about [?] relationships, I’m talkin’ about God, the Devil, Hell, Heaven, do you understand, finally?!
– You’re so fuckin’ dumb I can’t believe it…
– Ohh, ohhh…
– It makes me feel very peculiar, very peculiar when you throw in a comment like that…
– Peculiar? What? What does that mean…?
– Peculiar?! Peculiar?! Peculiar?! Peculiar?! Hahaha!
– I need to tell you guys something, you just don’t wanna learn anything, you just don’t wanna listen anybody, he’s got intelligence!
– Wait a minute, wait a minute…

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