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Nonsensical Imbecilic Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Nonsensical Imbecilic Lyrics.

Nonsensical Imbecilic Lyrics


The fuck’s goin’ on here?
– Man, hey…
I’m sittin’ here like, sweatin’, punchlinin’, water? my Jak, Benny?
– Yeah, man, what the fuck?
Rappers lookin’ at me like I’m Lester Allen, at the Palace Theater
– Fans is dead…
Underground rappers bitter wearin’ one chain under a lobster bib, check leanin’ from baggy kicks, yoVerse:
16-bit machine, the Syd rushed the window screen metal
The algae settle, plan of fish growin’ sea level (What?)
Multi-anti, sledgehammerin’ mad pie
The stars are just colonies o’ ant eyes, pads kites
I get in the booth, smoke a pack and get screwed up
I got all rapsitters still do runs
I still got dumpsites (word), I’m just now mappin’ up new ones
Keep a snub with a kick in the box to use to package my shoes up (Ohh okay)
Ayo, to battle me too dumb
In the ring I’m gettin’ ugly bitch fabbin’ is moolah (Oh shit)
Hang myself with the belt off a New York parkway
Writin’ in dark caves, like Mark Twain
Digital bits, part waves
Like a thermite charge in a arcade
Set myself on fire for the dark days
I slay beef to feed the pride, it’s not deep it’s like I just rap (What?)
And toss shroom caps on a pizza pie
Pour blood over Korean rice, I burn tracks
Like settin’ fire to a trap, with the fiends inside
This is ego, full service of gas plant
Opp rappers and jailhouse lawyers are Zapp pimps
I’m hackin’ off lamb limbs
My fan demographics look like, an outdoor trans-pit, of the bent fish (Woah)
Hatchet buried axe to axe, paragraphs and packs of crack
Gang initiation, punches back to back

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