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Malocchio Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Malocchio Lyrics.

Malocchio Lyrics


A slight crawl, FDR, Fatal Dose, Black Flag shit, Black Flagship, new Gonzo, yo, ayoVerse:I’m shinin’ like Grim gaspin’ in cash nets
Cash flakes, stuffin’ oil rags in gas vents
Stompin’ out crab beds, craft wrecked
Pluggin’ wounds with flat dreads (What?)
Dying king, in a cower high in a smog
Escape in a tractor beamer light up Torah
Dab Dopolis, line up the slops
Still doin’ rap feels like my impatient when I signed up for mom
Under a bonsai, to balance on (Yeah)
Cookin’ base on salad tongues, fuck Vogue
Urinate in a ballad box, pallet washed
A Mario Brothers mallet zonks
I feel the brain zap from the acid creep up
I bet a fall from this hype will be a massive clean up
Crawlin’ out the ceiling likе a Japanese Grudge
Bodiеs naked hangin’ like Cantonese ducks
Delirium, Base Camp Criteria
In the cut like a Soviet assassin stuck in Siberia
Bust out the mirror and line up the miriam
I shall happily inhabit my Syria
Fuck Yoga, Jehovah, Satan (Fuck that)
Mormons, Masons, the scene’s Appalachian
DMT in the armchair is what I meditate in
Ayo, I’m not wild hood
Drop out, walk to Wild Wood, dark childhood
Saw things no child should, vowel pushed

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