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Fad Lyrics

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Fad Lyrics


Yeah from the weather tops of Murkwood, Fatal Dose, Flagship, yeah, yo, ayoVerse 1:What I’m kickin’ vile like hidin’ drugs
As far as my Criterion, scientist done financed off
I don’t wanna write like, up in rehab when they make you sign that stuff
I’d avoid most rappers, like they was wired up
It’s a random bar so what?
Smoke a bowl up on stage with a mask like we just came back from a hold up
Throw chunks so the trolls come
Hooks up in the clouds pullin’ down Olympus with a tow truck
From Finland to the kids in the States
I slide cold like stashin’ meth bricks in some skates
I be gettin’ hit with subliminal strays
But I figured they lames, plus I’m in a new phase
Only press two cases so the kids can do K
DMT on exhale the didgeroo plays
Sacks packed with dabs in a packin’ gram
Zip shinin’, like crematorium cadaver bags
Get it? Probably not, you a square peg
Not a band but we sever naked ladies’ bare legs
This where sinners go
Red City night riverboat
Fingers black like I deliver coal
Chorus:I’m sad under the smile on a mask
No file from a bag
Blood projectile on my swag
DNA on vinyls in the lab
I’m glad they all think this whole style is a fad
I’m sad under the smile on a mask
No file from a bag
Blood projectile on my swag
DNA on vinyls in the lab
I’m glad you all think this whole style is a fadVerse 2:Yeah, body mirror, one room, one apartment
A yellow Punchbuggy, crowbar in the glove compartment
Wrote about dumpsites but already told you
Travelin’ coast too, at the cabanas with blood on my boat shoes (Damn)
The fact I’m hungry’s astounding (Wow)
I’m tryna bring back old hatchet murders and drownings (Hahaha)
I’m kiddin’, not really, kinda
Deep in the pines bleachin’ for [?] (Oh shit)
I wonder when time’s up
Of all these rappers is as deaf while they mic’ed up
Hypodermic spiked punch
Summers mourn, muddy dorns (Muddy dorns)
Rocks in my shoes bangin’ on random doors in thunderstorms
This is crack batter, ash’s son black summer
Walkin’ from a wooded dumpsite’s, slacks covered
In pussy hair like a cat lover, Rap’s bummer
This culted out rappers sound like they doin’ Jak covers

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